10 New Adult Costumes for 2019

Adults love Halloween as much as kids do, but while kids look at Halloween as an opportunity to bag as many sweets and treats as possible, to most adults, the entire point of Halloween is to get together and celebrate memories with old friends and family. Another reason why adults love Halloween as much as kids do is because Halloween is the only opportunity a lot of people get to dress up as someone else, be it a monster, a ghost or another popular TV character or celebrity.

If you want to make a mark this Halloween and make it an event people will remember throughout the year, here are newly released adult Halloween costumes for this year. Don’t settle for the old and common Halloween costumes—these are the newest designs for Halloween and if you want to make Hallow’s Eve memorable, start with a memorable costume!

Major Mayhem Adult Costume

veryone is sure to stand at attention when they see you in this sweet and sexy army regalia—this ensemble comes with a black and red long sleeved army dress-top with stars and medallion details. Top your look by matching your Major Mayhem dress with black, red, or white fishnet stockings and an army beret. This costume comes in small, medium and large adult sizes and is made of cotton and polyester material.

Ragdoll/Clown 2-in-1 Adult Costume

If you want to be a clown or a ragdoll this Halloween, here is the most colorful clown attire yet! This costume is interchangeable so you can be a clown or a ragdoll whenever you wish. The entire costume comprises of a rag doll cap with attached red hair, miniature pointed clown hat, ruffled clown collar, and a reversible purple/white belt.

Grecian Gorgeous Goddess Adult Costume

Although Aphrodite or any Grecian goddess is an undying costume pick for Halloween, this ensemble is probably the newest, unseen attire yet. The dress is white and light blue in color and comes with a golden Grecian headband which will hold your hair into place while at the same time, give you the classic Grecian look. This dress fits ladies of all sizes and is made of soft Polyester material.

Beer Bottle (Green) Adult Costume

Wearing this costume to Halloween is sure to prove your unconditional love for beer. Aside from being the easiest costume to wear for Halloween (just jump in and you’re a walking beer bottle), this costume is also one of the best and funniest choices to don this year. The suit itself is made of soft and sturdy polyester and must be hand-washed to clean.

Heidi Hottie Adult Costume

Looks like little Heidi is all grown up and is now a lady. This beautifully made Heidi costume is a cute Dirndl mixed and matched with live colors to give it a fun twist. This ensemble comes with a mini-skirt dress, puffy sleeves, garters, lively hair bows, floral neck choker, and white shoulder straps.

This dress is perfect for adult sizes: small, medium, large and extra large and is made of soft polyester material.

Racy Pirate Lady Adult Costume

Since pirate costumes are gaining popularity this year, it would be very fitting to try this Racy Pirate Lady Adult Costume for Halloween. This red costume is made of soft polyester material and is sure to fit most adult ladies. This ensemble comes complete with a pirate dress and a pirate hat with skull and crossbones detail.

Sexy Scallywag Adult Costume

Here’s an alternative pick for female pirate costumes: if you want to look like a seafarer maiden, this pirate dress will surely give you the right look. This beautiful pirate dress comes with spunky pirate details which will surely make you stand out.

Sexy Peter Pan Adult Costume

With this Peter Pan costume, you will surely be forever young! This complete top to toe ensemble comes with a green dress, belt, green leggings, boot covers, and a green pointed hat. It is available in small, medium and large adult sizes and is an officially licensed Peter Pan costume.

Dark Queen Adult Plus Costume

“Off with her head!”

Party goers will surely make way for you when they see the Queen of Hearts approaching them this Halloween. This dress comes with red heart details as well as red and black ruffled dress. This dress is available in adult Plus Sizes: 1X/2X and 3X/4X and is made of polyester and acrylic materials.

Seductive Gypsy Adult Costume

Ready to flaunt your shapely waist and flat or chiseled abs? This Gypsy attire is the perfect costume to show your assets and at the same time, impress Halloween party-goers. Its details closely follow that of a European Gypsy, complete beads and golden piping. This ensemble is available in adult sizes and includes a long-sleeved, mid-riff top, flowing skirt, and a headscarf.

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