10 Fairy Princess Costumes

With news out that Suri Cruise will be donning a fairy princess costume this Halloween, fairy princess costumes have made a comeback. Get ready to see a flurry of little fairy princesses this Halloween, you might love it or hate it.

On the other hand, if you have a little girl about the same age of Suri, fairy princess costumes would definitely be right for her. If you haven’t prepared for her Halloween costume yet, try these 5 fairy princess options for young girls. After the jump, you’ll see 5 more fairy princess costumes for women (Perfect for mom and daughter pair up).

1. Tink and the Fairy Rescue – Tinkerbell Deluxe Child Costume

The most popular fairy as popularized by Disney is Tinkerbell from Peter Pan. She’s a petite flying creature whose sparkles gives anyone the ability to fly. To be Tinkerbell this Halloween, here is a classic fairy princess costume perfect for your very own princess to wear. It comes with a green fairy frock and a pair of attachable wings made of light polyester material.

2. Goth Fairy Princess Child Costume

It’s different from all the other pretty fairy dresses but it’s a unique, spidery number that is perfect for Halloween. This fairy princess gown with a Gothic twist comes with an ankle-length gown with spidery details on the bodice, tattered skirt lining, and a pair of sleevelets. To complete the look, it also comes with an attachable set of wings.

3. Pretty Princess Witch Child Costume

This colorful frock makes use of autumn colors so it’s easy on the eyes. Also, it’s a breath of fresh air from the usual black and purple or pink color scheme. This autumn witch ensemble comes with a knee-length dress with tattered sleeve and skirt lining detail and a matching hat. Complete your look by using a long-handle broom or a wand as prop.

4. Dawn Fairy Child Costume

This pretty Dawn Fairy Child Costume is different from all the other fairy costumes. For one, it uses pastel colors on the dress and wings. The dress would do well as  a Summer dress as it would a Halloween costume. This dress also comes with a fairy wand, matching hair clip and a pair of light-cloth shoes.

5. Fairy Tale Renaissance Maiden Child Costume

Whether she’s going to a Renaissance fair or a Halloween, this costume is perfect for both occasions. Sans wand, this Renaissance-themed ensemble is still perfect for a fairy princess look.

Why don’t you and your daughter both be princesses for Halloween? You two will definitely make a smash as a mom and daughter fairy duo.

6. Fairy Adult Costume

This sweet and sexy fairy frock comes with a pretty pink mesh dress, a matching fairy wand with a butterfly prop, and a pair of matching wings. The fairy dress boasts a unique design which you won’t find elsewhere, it comes with intricate embroidered details and a colorful tulle trim. Complete your look with a pretty pink tiara and a pair of fairy-themed pink or purple heels.

7. Mother Nature Adult Costume

Gaea, the Goddess of the Earth, wishes to visit our human domains this Halloween.

Well, not really. But this earth-colored gown will surely leave the impression that you are a forest fairy who simply wants to join the fun this Halloween. This Mother Nature frock is perfect for women with clothing measurements of small/medium and medium/large.

8. Blush Fairy Adult Costume

Pink, sweet and sassy, this Blush Fairy frock comes with laces and ribbons… all of which are pink!

The fairy dress itself comes with a corset-styled top with pink strings on the side and a short pink dress/skirt. It also comes with a pair of attachable sleeves, a matching pink headband, and a pair of pink wings made of lace.

9. Woodland Fairy Elite Collection Adult Costume

Whether you choose to be a Woodland fairy or a winged nymph, this dress will surely make a wonderful costume! It comes with a turquoise-colored dress, a pair of matching wings, and a floral head wreath. Complete your look by waving a magic wand!

10. Meadow Fairy Adult Costume

This costume is different from all the other fairy costumes. For one, it is a sexier number which comes with a shorter tube-piece dress. This fairy dress can also be matched with other props to give it a whole new look. If you want to be a colorful witch, tag a long-handled broom along. To be a fairy, try a wand.

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