10 Dog Costume Ideas

If kids and adults love Halloween because they can pretend to be ghouls, monsters and popular movie characters, pets love Halloween even more because they can pretend to be humans! If you want to make Halloween fun for your pets as it is to you, here are newly released dog costume ideas which you should definitely check out before planning for your pet’s Halloween costume.

Dressing up dogs for Halloween has been a very common practice for pet owners but you could take this hobby up a notch as you dress up your pup in superhero costumes or as other animals.

1. Red Devil Dog Costume

A lot of little boys often opt to wear a red devil costume for Halloween because of two reasons: devils are rather scary creatures and would be perfect for Halloween and second, it also gives them to opportunity to show their troublesome side for at least once in an entire year.

If you want your pet to look scary and naughty as well, here is the best costume for him to don. This red devil dog costume features a red hoodie and body suit with devil horn details. It is available in small, medium and large dog sizes. Your pup will surely find it easy to move around in this costume since it is made of soft polyester material.

2. Dog Beer Saddle

Oktoberfest might already be a month past when Halloween comes but it’s never too late to dress your best little buddy in a beer server saddle. This Halloween, if you plan to invite your friends for a Red Bull or Budweiser party, here’s the perfect suit for your loyal beer server.

This simple costume is perfect for large dogs and is made of sturdy polyester material. This saddle can accommodate 4 beer cans or two on each side of the saddle.

3. Pirate Dog Costume

Your little seafarer will surely enjoy this pirate costume! Since pirate costumes have become very popular this year, why don’t you match your pet’s pirate costume with a Captain Jack Sparrow attire as well?

This costume was made for smaller and medium sized dogs in mind and is made of 100% polyester material. It comes with a pirate top with a skull and crossbones detail and a pirate hat.

4. Magic Spell Dog Costume

If there are little witches and wizards, there should be canine magicians too right? Reflect your pup’s magical side with this Magic Spell Dog Costume that comes with ruffled top and a little witch hat with green trimming. Whether you want your dog to dress up as Elphaba from the Wicked musicale or as a common witch from popular culture.

5. Buzzing Bee Dog Costume

Ever seen another dog pretend he’s some other animal? If you haven’t, here’s your chance. This bumblebee costume comes with a striped yellow and black top with an attached pair of wings and a matching bumblebee hood with antennae. This costume is perfect for small and medium-sized dogs and is made of 100% soft and sturdy polyester.

6. Lovely Ladybug Dog Costume

If you don’t find the bumblebee costume appealing for your little pup, why don’t you try this lady bug costume instead? The ensemble comprises of a hooded top with black spotted details and an attached pair of wings as well as a hood with an improvised antennae protruding from the top side of the hood.

7. Pumpkin Pooch Dog Costume

Be careful, this pumpkin has teeth and it bites! If you hate carving pumpkins, let your dog wear a pumpkin pooch dog costume and you’d still be keeping up with old Halloween customs.  This is a hooded top ensemble which is made of 100% soft polyester and is perfect for small, medium, and large dogs.

8. Punky Dog Costume

Reflect your pup’s punk attitude with this Punky Dog Costume made of 100% soft and sturdy polyester for small, medium and large dogs. This costume comes with a pink, punk dress top with a little hair clip to give your dog a cute, preppy look.

9. Mini Leprechaun Hat Pet Costume

They say, when you get your hands on a leprechaun, you will be rewarded with gold and silver. Sad to say you’ll only be getting drools and licks when you get your hands on a dog dressing up as a leprechaun, but then again, a dog’s love is always beyond price!

This mini leprechaun hat will show your dog’s love for the Irish and also makes a simple yet fun costume for Halloween.

10. Superman Dog Costume

The Dog of Steel is here to save the day! Dress your best friend as Superman and make Halloween a fun experience for you and your friends. This Superman Dog costume is perfect for small (10-12 inches), medium (14-16 in.), and large dogs (18-20 inches) and comes with Superman’s signature red cape.

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