10 Cute Pet Costume Ideas

When dogs jump into costumes of popular TV characters, hilarity ensues!

Make Halloween a memorable event for both you and your pup by dressing them up in costumes that stand out and are, most importantly, unique from other Halloween costumes. If you don’t know where to start, here are 10 cute and funny pet costume ideas for you to check out.

Not only are these costumes perfect for Halloween, these are also very popular picks for pets and humans alike.

1. Zelda Punk Dog Costume


Let him rock out with this amazing Zelda punk-rocker attire that comes with a comfortable rock-n’-roll shirt, pants, raving red wig, and studded collar. This costume is perfect for small and medium-sized dogs.

2. Batman Brave & Bold Batman Dog Costume


Batman Brave & Bold Batman Dog Costume

Aside from teaching your dog how to fetch, did you teach him how to save Gotham too?

Your Halloween party will be extra safe as long as Batdog is around. He’ll scare those ghosts and ghouls away before they crash your fun party. But first, you must make sure Batdog is in his appropriate bat costume! (For some unusual reason, his powers don’t work well without his cape).

The complete Batdog ensemble comes with a shirt with a Batman detail on it, a comfortable blue cape, and a headpiece with bat ear details. It is available in small, medium, large and extra large dog sizes.

3. Deluxe Vampire Dog Costume

Deluxe Vampire Dog Costume

If humans can dress up as vampires, so can dogs!

In fact, this costume was made with vampire dogs in mind. This classic costume pick comes with a red jumpsuit with bat details and a black cape. It is available in small, medium, and large dog sizes.

4. Candy Corn Witch Dog Costume

Candy Corn Witch Dog Costume

This classic prairie girl costume will definitely give your dog an adorable look. This ensemble comes with a hat and soft, polyester dress. This dress is also available in medium, large, small, and extra small sizes.

5. Fire Dog Costume

He might not know how to use the water hose but he will surely save you from the fire—but first, he needs to pee on that fire hydrant.

If your dog’s dreams include becoming a firefighter someday, this Halloween would be a good opportunity to turn him into the hero he wants to be. This firefighter costume would do well as your dog’s attire for this Halloween; and if you are a firefighter, you could match your pup’s costume with your very own firefighting uniform.

6. Dogula Dog Costume

Dogula Dog Costume

If you thought dogs could never be vampires themselves, now is the best chance to turn your pup into a scary vampire this Halloween. The grand-daddy of vampires everywhere seems to have a vampire dog too. The Dogula look comes with a headpiece, cape with an attached medallion that resembles the one worn by Dracula himself.

7. Taco Pet Food Dog Costume

Taco Pet Food Dog Costume

If you like seeing your dog in food costumes (like the hotdog costume for Weiner dogs), the Taco suit is perfect for smaller dogs with humorous masters (that would be you). This costume is available in petite and small dog sizes and comes with the taco costume and a small sombrero.

8. Prisoner Dog Pet Costume

Prisoner Dog Pet Costume

This jailbird isn’t getting away that fast, not when everyone sees him in his prison garb. This costume is perfect for bigger dogs and is made of soft polyester material. It comes with a prison hat with the text “Bad Dog” in front as well as the black and white striped costume itself.

9. Dog Riders Cowboy Costume

Dog Riders Cowboy Costume

Giddy up!

The dog-riders cowboy costume is a rather simple concept but it is very cute as well. Simply strap the dog harness onto your dog and watch him run with a cowboy on his back. The strap fits medium sized and large dog well and is very sturdy on your dogs back.

10. Elvis Dog Costume

Elvis Dog Costume

The King lives!

This costume shows your dog’s rock star attitude and whether he’s heard of Elvis Presley or not, showing your love for the King of Rock n’ Roll with this costume will surely do the trick!

This costume is available in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes and comes with the Elvis’ glittery jumpsuit and cape.

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