10 New Costumes for Babies

If there’s one thing parents hate the most when it comes to dressing up their kids for Halloween, it’s probably seeing another baby wear the same costume theirs is wearing. That’s definitely a mommy nightmare!

This often happens when parents pick a very common character for their kids to portray. If you want to refrain from seeing a Halloween costume duplicate, here are new 2010 picks which have just been released. These colorful costumes will surely make your little tyke stand out from the crowd.

Lil Monster Infant/Toddler Costume

When your baby wears this, he’ll be the cutest, cuddliest and most lovable little blue dragon in the land! Bring out your baby’s cute, monstrous side with this sky blue plush jumpsuit with orange stripes and paw details. This cute infant costume comes in infant and toddler sizes, perfect for toddlers 6/12 months, 12/18 months and 18 months to 2 years of age. The costume set comes with the baby blue dragon jumpsuit, character hood and matching baby booties.

Pink Poodle Infant/Toddler Costume

If you think poodles are cute, sweet little angels in poodle costumes are even cuter! This Pink Poodle Infant/Toddler costume will surely make hearts melt. The entire costume set comes with a pink jumpsuit made of soft, cool polyester material, plush armbands for the hands and ankles, and a plush character hood with black puppy ear details. This is perfect for infants aged 6 months to 2 years.

Lil Lobster Infant/Toddler Costume

ver seen someone wear a lobster costume before to Halloween? If you answered “no”, here’s a very good reason why your little tyke should start the trend: lobster costumes are downright cute and perfect for theme costume groups! Your infant could be Pierre from “Little Mermaid” and if you’re the mom, you could be Ariel, or if you’re a dad picking a costume for his little sea creature, you could be Prince Eric!

Tiger Tot Infant/Toddler Costume

Bring out the wilderness from your little tiger cub with this Tiger tot Infant costume that will surely turn heads and melt hearts at the party. This costume is perfect for jungle themed events—you could be the tiger or the tigress with your little infant nearby as your cub. This costume set comes with a striped jumpsuit made of soft polyester material and a matching character hood. The costume comes in infant and toddler sizes, aged 6 months to 2 years.

Baby Lady Bug Infant/Toddler Costume

What’s cuter than a red lady bug? A pink baby bug of course!

This costume is magenta pink in color with red black spot details to match the lady bugs spots. The costume set comes with a body suit and a black bug hoodie and is perfect for infants aged 6 months to 2 years.

Pink Elephant Infant/Toddler Costume

Your bundle of joy might not be able to fly in this but she can look cute all throughout the night! This pink elephant infant costume is made of 100% soft polyester material and comes with a pink body suit with an elephant trunk detail and a pink hood with elephant ears detail.

Available in Infant and Toddler sizes: 6/12 Months, 12-18 Months, and 18 Months/2T.

Stinger Bee Infant/Toddler Costume

What’s sweeter than honey? Honey bee babies, of course!

Your Halloween party will surely buzz with “Aww, how cute!” comments when your little tyke is seen in this. The costume comes with a black and yellow striped jumpsuit which is made of soft plushy, polyester, a pair of black wings, a fuzzy bee tail and a matching character hood with soft, plush antennae. The costume is perfect for babies aged 6 months to 2 years.

Lovable Lion Infant/Toddler Costume

The king of the jungle is here to roar his way straight into your heart! This Lovable Lion Infant/Toddler attire comes with a plush jumpsuit and a matching hood with a cloth mane to complete the look. Your little lion will surely command attention in this cute lion costume. The ensemble is perfect for babies aged 6 months to 2 years.

Mini Moo Infant/Toddler Costume

Hearts are sure to jump over the moon when they see your little tyke in this Mini Moo infant costume. Complete with a cow jumpsuit with cowbell details, a cow character hood and a pair of cow baby booties, your little infant will surely be the cutest partier in the crowd! This ensemble is made of 100% soft polyester and is perfect for babies aged 6 months to 2 years.

Happy Halloween Pumpkin Infant/Toddler Costume

To make your Halloween party feel more like Halloween, what you need is cute pumpkin attire for your little tyke to wear. You can never go wrong with this costume—it’s the best representation of Halloween and your little pumpkin will surely look amazing in it!

This plush pumpkin ensemble is made of soft polyester and comes with a pumpkin hat, matching striped arm and leg warmers, and a plush pumpkin bodysuit with a smiling Halloween face detail in front.

So there you have it—ten Halloween costumes you will never go wrong with! Start picking a costume for your tyke today!

10 New Adult Costumes for 2019

Adults love Halloween as much as kids do, but while kids look at Halloween as an opportunity to bag as many sweets and treats as possible, to most adults, the entire point of Halloween is to get together and celebrate memories with old friends and family. Another reason why adults love Halloween as much as kids do is because Halloween is the only opportunity a lot of people get to dress up as someone else, be it a monster, a ghost or another popular TV character or celebrity.

If you want to make a mark this Halloween and make it an event people will remember throughout the year, here are newly released adult Halloween costumes for this year. Don’t settle for the old and common Halloween costumes—these are the newest designs for Halloween and if you want to make Hallow’s Eve memorable, start with a memorable costume!

Major Mayhem Adult Costume

veryone is sure to stand at attention when they see you in this sweet and sexy army regalia—this ensemble comes with a black and red long sleeved army dress-top with stars and medallion details. Top your look by matching your Major Mayhem dress with black, red, or white fishnet stockings and an army beret. This costume comes in small, medium and large adult sizes and is made of cotton and polyester material.

Ragdoll/Clown 2-in-1 Adult Costume

If you want to be a clown or a ragdoll this Halloween, here is the most colorful clown attire yet! This costume is interchangeable so you can be a clown or a ragdoll whenever you wish. The entire costume comprises of a rag doll cap with attached red hair, miniature pointed clown hat, ruffled clown collar, and a reversible purple/white belt.

Grecian Gorgeous Goddess Adult Costume

Although Aphrodite or any Grecian goddess is an undying costume pick for Halloween, this ensemble is probably the newest, unseen attire yet. The dress is white and light blue in color and comes with a golden Grecian headband which will hold your hair into place while at the same time, give you the classic Grecian look. This dress fits ladies of all sizes and is made of soft Polyester material.

Beer Bottle (Green) Adult Costume

Wearing this costume to Halloween is sure to prove your unconditional love for beer. Aside from being the easiest costume to wear for Halloween (just jump in and you’re a walking beer bottle), this costume is also one of the best and funniest choices to don this year. The suit itself is made of soft and sturdy polyester and must be hand-washed to clean.

Heidi Hottie Adult Costume

Looks like little Heidi is all grown up and is now a lady. This beautifully made Heidi costume is a cute Dirndl mixed and matched with live colors to give it a fun twist. This ensemble comes with a mini-skirt dress, puffy sleeves, garters, lively hair bows, floral neck choker, and white shoulder straps.

This dress is perfect for adult sizes: small, medium, large and extra large and is made of soft polyester material.

Racy Pirate Lady Adult Costume

Since pirate costumes are gaining popularity this year, it would be very fitting to try this Racy Pirate Lady Adult Costume for Halloween. This red costume is made of soft polyester material and is sure to fit most adult ladies. This ensemble comes complete with a pirate dress and a pirate hat with skull and crossbones detail.

Sexy Scallywag Adult Costume

Here’s an alternative pick for female pirate costumes: if you want to look like a seafarer maiden, this pirate dress will surely give you the right look. This beautiful pirate dress comes with spunky pirate details which will surely make you stand out.

Sexy Peter Pan Adult Costume

With this Peter Pan costume, you will surely be forever young! This complete top to toe ensemble comes with a green dress, belt, green leggings, boot covers, and a green pointed hat. It is available in small, medium and large adult sizes and is an officially licensed Peter Pan costume.

Dark Queen Adult Plus Costume

“Off with her head!”

Party goers will surely make way for you when they see the Queen of Hearts approaching them this Halloween. This dress comes with red heart details as well as red and black ruffled dress. This dress is available in adult Plus Sizes: 1X/2X and 3X/4X and is made of polyester and acrylic materials.

Seductive Gypsy Adult Costume

Ready to flaunt your shapely waist and flat or chiseled abs? This Gypsy attire is the perfect costume to show your assets and at the same time, impress Halloween party-goers. Its details closely follow that of a European Gypsy, complete beads and golden piping. This ensemble is available in adult sizes and includes a long-sleeved, mid-riff top, flowing skirt, and a headscarf.

10 Fairy Princess Costumes

With news out that Suri Cruise will be donning a fairy princess costume this Halloween, fairy princess costumes have made a comeback. Get ready to see a flurry of little fairy princesses this Halloween, you might love it or hate it.

On the other hand, if you have a little girl about the same age of Suri, fairy princess costumes would definitely be right for her. If you haven’t prepared for her Halloween costume yet, try these 5 fairy princess options for young girls. After the jump, you’ll see 5 more fairy princess costumes for women (Perfect for mom and daughter pair up).

1. Tink and the Fairy Rescue – Tinkerbell Deluxe Child Costume

The most popular fairy as popularized by Disney is Tinkerbell from Peter Pan. She’s a petite flying creature whose sparkles gives anyone the ability to fly. To be Tinkerbell this Halloween, here is a classic fairy princess costume perfect for your very own princess to wear. It comes with a green fairy frock and a pair of attachable wings made of light polyester material.

2. Goth Fairy Princess Child Costume

It’s different from all the other pretty fairy dresses but it’s a unique, spidery number that is perfect for Halloween. This fairy princess gown with a Gothic twist comes with an ankle-length gown with spidery details on the bodice, tattered skirt lining, and a pair of sleevelets. To complete the look, it also comes with an attachable set of wings.

3. Pretty Princess Witch Child Costume

This colorful frock makes use of autumn colors so it’s easy on the eyes. Also, it’s a breath of fresh air from the usual black and purple or pink color scheme. This autumn witch ensemble comes with a knee-length dress with tattered sleeve and skirt lining detail and a matching hat. Complete your look by using a long-handle broom or a wand as prop.

4. Dawn Fairy Child Costume

This pretty Dawn Fairy Child Costume is different from all the other fairy costumes. For one, it uses pastel colors on the dress and wings. The dress would do well as  a Summer dress as it would a Halloween costume. This dress also comes with a fairy wand, matching hair clip and a pair of light-cloth shoes.

5. Fairy Tale Renaissance Maiden Child Costume

Whether she’s going to a Renaissance fair or a Halloween, this costume is perfect for both occasions. Sans wand, this Renaissance-themed ensemble is still perfect for a fairy princess look.

Why don’t you and your daughter both be princesses for Halloween? You two will definitely make a smash as a mom and daughter fairy duo.

6. Fairy Adult Costume

This sweet and sexy fairy frock comes with a pretty pink mesh dress, a matching fairy wand with a butterfly prop, and a pair of matching wings. The fairy dress boasts a unique design which you won’t find elsewhere, it comes with intricate embroidered details and a colorful tulle trim. Complete your look with a pretty pink tiara and a pair of fairy-themed pink or purple heels.

7. Mother Nature Adult Costume

Gaea, the Goddess of the Earth, wishes to visit our human domains this Halloween.

Well, not really. But this earth-colored gown will surely leave the impression that you are a forest fairy who simply wants to join the fun this Halloween. This Mother Nature frock is perfect for women with clothing measurements of small/medium and medium/large.

8. Blush Fairy Adult Costume

Pink, sweet and sassy, this Blush Fairy frock comes with laces and ribbons… all of which are pink!

The fairy dress itself comes with a corset-styled top with pink strings on the side and a short pink dress/skirt. It also comes with a pair of attachable sleeves, a matching pink headband, and a pair of pink wings made of lace.

9. Woodland Fairy Elite Collection Adult Costume

Whether you choose to be a Woodland fairy or a winged nymph, this dress will surely make a wonderful costume! It comes with a turquoise-colored dress, a pair of matching wings, and a floral head wreath. Complete your look by waving a magic wand!

10. Meadow Fairy Adult Costume

This costume is different from all the other fairy costumes. For one, it is a sexier number which comes with a shorter tube-piece dress. This fairy dress can also be matched with other props to give it a whole new look. If you want to be a colorful witch, tag a long-handled broom along. To be a fairy, try a wand.

10 Dog Costume Ideas

If kids and adults love Halloween because they can pretend to be ghouls, monsters and popular movie characters, pets love Halloween even more because they can pretend to be humans! If you want to make Halloween fun for your pets as it is to you, here are newly released dog costume ideas which you should definitely check out before planning for your pet’s Halloween costume.

Dressing up dogs for Halloween has been a very common practice for pet owners but you could take this hobby up a notch as you dress up your pup in superhero costumes or as other animals.

1. Red Devil Dog Costume

A lot of little boys often opt to wear a red devil costume for Halloween because of two reasons: devils are rather scary creatures and would be perfect for Halloween and second, it also gives them to opportunity to show their troublesome side for at least once in an entire year.

If you want your pet to look scary and naughty as well, here is the best costume for him to don. This red devil dog costume features a red hoodie and body suit with devil horn details. It is available in small, medium and large dog sizes. Your pup will surely find it easy to move around in this costume since it is made of soft polyester material.

2. Dog Beer Saddle

Oktoberfest might already be a month past when Halloween comes but it’s never too late to dress your best little buddy in a beer server saddle. This Halloween, if you plan to invite your friends for a Red Bull or Budweiser party, here’s the perfect suit for your loyal beer server.

This simple costume is perfect for large dogs and is made of sturdy polyester material. This saddle can accommodate 4 beer cans or two on each side of the saddle.

3. Pirate Dog Costume

Your little seafarer will surely enjoy this pirate costume! Since pirate costumes have become very popular this year, why don’t you match your pet’s pirate costume with a Captain Jack Sparrow attire as well?

This costume was made for smaller and medium sized dogs in mind and is made of 100% polyester material. It comes with a pirate top with a skull and crossbones detail and a pirate hat.

4. Magic Spell Dog Costume

If there are little witches and wizards, there should be canine magicians too right? Reflect your pup’s magical side with this Magic Spell Dog Costume that comes with ruffled top and a little witch hat with green trimming. Whether you want your dog to dress up as Elphaba from the Wicked musicale or as a common witch from popular culture.

5. Buzzing Bee Dog Costume

Ever seen another dog pretend he’s some other animal? If you haven’t, here’s your chance. This bumblebee costume comes with a striped yellow and black top with an attached pair of wings and a matching bumblebee hood with antennae. This costume is perfect for small and medium-sized dogs and is made of 100% soft and sturdy polyester.

6. Lovely Ladybug Dog Costume

If you don’t find the bumblebee costume appealing for your little pup, why don’t you try this lady bug costume instead? The ensemble comprises of a hooded top with black spotted details and an attached pair of wings as well as a hood with an improvised antennae protruding from the top side of the hood.

7. Pumpkin Pooch Dog Costume

Be careful, this pumpkin has teeth and it bites! If you hate carving pumpkins, let your dog wear a pumpkin pooch dog costume and you’d still be keeping up with old Halloween customs.  This is a hooded top ensemble which is made of 100% soft polyester and is perfect for small, medium, and large dogs.

8. Punky Dog Costume

Reflect your pup’s punk attitude with this Punky Dog Costume made of 100% soft and sturdy polyester for small, medium and large dogs. This costume comes with a pink, punk dress top with a little hair clip to give your dog a cute, preppy look.

9. Mini Leprechaun Hat Pet Costume

They say, when you get your hands on a leprechaun, you will be rewarded with gold and silver. Sad to say you’ll only be getting drools and licks when you get your hands on a dog dressing up as a leprechaun, but then again, a dog’s love is always beyond price!

This mini leprechaun hat will show your dog’s love for the Irish and also makes a simple yet fun costume for Halloween.

10. Superman Dog Costume

The Dog of Steel is here to save the day! Dress your best friend as Superman and make Halloween a fun experience for you and your friends. This Superman Dog costume is perfect for small (10-12 inches), medium (14-16 in.), and large dogs (18-20 inches) and comes with Superman’s signature red cape.

10 Cute Pet Costume Ideas

When dogs jump into costumes of popular TV characters, hilarity ensues!

Make Halloween a memorable event for both you and your pup by dressing them up in costumes that stand out and are, most importantly, unique from other Halloween costumes. If you don’t know where to start, here are 10 cute and funny pet costume ideas for you to check out.

Not only are these costumes perfect for Halloween, these are also very popular picks for pets and humans alike.

1. Zelda Punk Dog Costume


Let him rock out with this amazing Zelda punk-rocker attire that comes with a comfortable rock-n’-roll shirt, pants, raving red wig, and studded collar. This costume is perfect for small and medium-sized dogs.

2. Batman Brave & Bold Batman Dog Costume


Batman Brave & Bold Batman Dog Costume

Aside from teaching your dog how to fetch, did you teach him how to save Gotham too?

Your Halloween party will be extra safe as long as Batdog is around. He’ll scare those ghosts and ghouls away before they crash your fun party. But first, you must make sure Batdog is in his appropriate bat costume! (For some unusual reason, his powers don’t work well without his cape).

The complete Batdog ensemble comes with a shirt with a Batman detail on it, a comfortable blue cape, and a headpiece with bat ear details. It is available in small, medium, large and extra large dog sizes.

3. Deluxe Vampire Dog Costume

Deluxe Vampire Dog Costume

If humans can dress up as vampires, so can dogs!

In fact, this costume was made with vampire dogs in mind. This classic costume pick comes with a red jumpsuit with bat details and a black cape. It is available in small, medium, and large dog sizes.

4. Candy Corn Witch Dog Costume

Candy Corn Witch Dog Costume

This classic prairie girl costume will definitely give your dog an adorable look. This ensemble comes with a hat and soft, polyester dress. This dress is also available in medium, large, small, and extra small sizes.

5. Fire Dog Costume

He might not know how to use the water hose but he will surely save you from the fire—but first, he needs to pee on that fire hydrant.

If your dog’s dreams include becoming a firefighter someday, this Halloween would be a good opportunity to turn him into the hero he wants to be. This firefighter costume would do well as your dog’s attire for this Halloween; and if you are a firefighter, you could match your pup’s costume with your very own firefighting uniform.

6. Dogula Dog Costume

Dogula Dog Costume

If you thought dogs could never be vampires themselves, now is the best chance to turn your pup into a scary vampire this Halloween. The grand-daddy of vampires everywhere seems to have a vampire dog too. The Dogula look comes with a headpiece, cape with an attached medallion that resembles the one worn by Dracula himself.

7. Taco Pet Food Dog Costume

Taco Pet Food Dog Costume

If you like seeing your dog in food costumes (like the hotdog costume for Weiner dogs), the Taco suit is perfect for smaller dogs with humorous masters (that would be you). This costume is available in petite and small dog sizes and comes with the taco costume and a small sombrero.

8. Prisoner Dog Pet Costume

Prisoner Dog Pet Costume

This jailbird isn’t getting away that fast, not when everyone sees him in his prison garb. This costume is perfect for bigger dogs and is made of soft polyester material. It comes with a prison hat with the text “Bad Dog” in front as well as the black and white striped costume itself.

9. Dog Riders Cowboy Costume

Dog Riders Cowboy Costume

Giddy up!

The dog-riders cowboy costume is a rather simple concept but it is very cute as well. Simply strap the dog harness onto your dog and watch him run with a cowboy on his back. The strap fits medium sized and large dog well and is very sturdy on your dogs back.

10. Elvis Dog Costume

Elvis Dog Costume

The King lives!

This costume shows your dog’s rock star attitude and whether he’s heard of Elvis Presley or not, showing your love for the King of Rock n’ Roll with this costume will surely do the trick!

This costume is available in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes and comes with the Elvis’ glittery jumpsuit and cape.